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About Jen 

Jen holds a Master's degree in Leadership and two Bachelor's degrees in Applied Management and Psychology. She enjoys utilizing her excellent listening skills and nonjudgmental nature to serve others.

With over 15 years as a Human Resources Leader and as a consultant, mentor, and teacher, Jen's true passion is to be of service. Also in the Industrial Security arena and throughout her career, Jen has a subtle way of bringing conscious leadership into daily life and in organizational cultures. She has often been praised for the depth of her insights and astute clarity.

Jen is a dedicated student of metaphysical and spiritual modalities to augment the diverse background of spirituality found within her family lineage.  Her spiritual abilities, including her foundational psychic skills and natural strength in specific clairs, was leveraged with many spiritual teachings which included activations, attunements, certifications, and numerous initiations.


I have been blessed to share various spiritual experiences with amazing people in and out of the classroom.  I want to take a moment to thank my in person mentors and various teachers along my spiritual journey - many paths lead you to "Know Thy Self" at deeper and deeper levels. I can attest when a person is ready to expand, the teacher will appear - Divine Timing!

Each teacher is beautifully unique and their different impacts are indescribable!  A dear friend of mine once paraphrased, it's like a beautiful diamond with the various facets being polished by different Earth Angels that leads you to a remembrance of yourself. Different paths light up the rays of self discovery and clarity at all angels!

Also, thank you to the many beautiful souls who are not mentioned below with shared experiences because we all are peers and learn from each other!  So many gifts and blessings occurred with each other in class and some even developed into lifelong friendships!

Ancient Mysteries Schools Lineage,

Hermetic Qabalah, Oracle

Channeling, Ceremony &

Ritual Mastery,


Cindy Myers

Duncan Bowen

Michele Bernard



Elka Boren

Steven Farmer

Shannon Davis

Debora Willow Fire


Trance Channeling,


Eamonn Downey

Marilyn Jenkins


Medicine Buddha

White Tantra,


Anthony Profeta


Reiki, Bach,

Oneness Blessing:

Maria Banas


Reiki, Crystals:

Nicholas Pearson


Divination Cards:

Ralph Valentine

Charles Virtue


Psychic Reading, Psychometry

Clairs, Other Spiritual



Lydia Clair

Cheri Heart

Laura Wilson

Maggie Schlesinger

James Van Praagh

Jarrad Hewett

Panache Desai

Ivana Van Zant

Sonya Croquette

Carolyn Myss

Wayne Dyer

Louise Hay

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