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Jen's goal is to take affirmations to the next level by integrating clear intention setting, honoring our shared experiences, and infusing each topic with gratitude. Her intention is to activate and expand our conscious co-creative reality into more love, happiness, and joy.  You will enjoy how Jen executes her vision; focusing on co-creation, unity, and thankfulness to help us on our spiritual journey.  

“Simple, concise, and inspirational, this book of affirmations comes from the heart and is not only a beautiful tool for our children, but a reminder for our own inner child, that we are all connected, amazing, powerful, and wonderfully made!”

Jarrad Hewett 

Best Selling Author of Love, Life, God: The Journey of Creation

To purchase a soft copy:

ISBN # 978-1-5043-8560-2

To purchase an e-book:

“A charming and caring introduction to a youngster’s spiritual dialogue and personal development. The simplicity of the affirmations, their power potential and immediate therapeutic effect makes this beautiful book a winning read for all the family. You will love its guiding essence and effect.”

Eamonn Downey 

Author and International Lecturer

These affirmations stimulate exploration of spirituality through the key concepts of friendship, soul evolution, manifestation, and love.

To purchase a soft copy:

ISBN # 978-1-5043-7595-5

To purchase an e-book:

  • Click here to go to the Publisher, Balboa Press

These affirmations introduce spirituality and help build on self-actualization through the key concepts of worthiness, gratefulness, forgiveness, and trust.

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